Brittany Bales

1495 S. St. Paul St
Denver, CO 80210

Indiana University                                                                                Bloomington, IN
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Liberal Arts- Arts & Humanities
New York Institute of Art & Design                                                         New York, New York
Certificate of Interior Design
Related Experience:

Axis Communications, Inc.                                                                              Chicago, IL

Area Marketing Coordinator, Midwest                                       February 2016-January 2017

  • On-site coordination of meetings within the Axis Experience Center (Executive Briefing Center).
  • Provide guidance to the Front Desk Coordinator.
  • Academy email marketing and hotel booking.
  • Plan and execute local Axis-hosted events.
  • Increase marketing initiatives with local distribution branches.
  • Increase marketing initiatives and Regional Sales Manager engagement with local industry associations.
  • Prepare and manage marketing budget.
  • Act as a Brand Ambassador to ensure consistency in the business area.
  • Responsible for all marketing communication activities including flyers, brochures, give-away, etc.
  • Evaluate events and conferences within the designated sales region as potential opportunities for Axis presence.
  • Strategize with Business Area Director, Area Sales Manager, and Marketing Director to create successful marketing initiatives for the business area.
  • Support logistical elements and staffing of offsite events and trainings in the designated sales region.
  • Evaluate ROI of meetings and local events.
  • Maintain system records for ROI reporting purposes and own local marketing reporting.
  • Handling and managing business leads generated locally.


Axis Communications Inc,                                                                               Chicago, IL

Area Meeting and Office Coordinator, Midwest                            April 2014-February 2016

  • On-site coordination of meetings within the Axis Experience Center (Executive Briefing Center), scheduling of meetings within the briefing center, maintain system records of attendees for ROI reporting purposes.
  • Customer facing; greet customers and coordinate logistical meeting elements such as meals, transportation, and marketing collateral.
  • Office inventory management for items such as demonstration equipment and marketing collateral.
  • Support reporting needs of the Business Area Manager and Area Sales Manager.
  • Evaluate events and conferences within the Midwest sales region as potential opportunities for Axis presence.


  • Support logistical elements and staffing of offsite events and trainings in the Midwest sales region.
  • Planning and management of local internal events.
  • Evaluate ROI of meetings and local events.
  • General office management responsibilities as requested. Including non-sales related phone inquiries, staffing the reception desk, greeting customers, stocking food and beverage, etc.
  • Support Tier 1 and Tier 2 events and conferences in the region as requested by the Axis North American Events Team.
  • Work cohesively within the sales region as well as with the North American

Marketing Events Team.


Active Communications International                                                              Chicago, IL

Event Coordinator                                                                                 April 2012-April 2014

  • Produce and plan world-class conferences and corporate hospitality events that take place all across the United States by delivering high quality informative and valued business practices.
  • Events are developed through extensive research and development with industry experts to bring the clients the latest trends and forecasts.
  • In planning such events I dealt with both C level executives from Fortune 500 companies as well as key industry leaders within the healthcare and energy related fields.
  • The job entails not only assisting the production team and sales teams with operational duties but also negotiating contracts with various venues, working directly with the catering staff at hotels and conference centers to cater the event to the client base, and budgeting while processing revenue after the conclusion of the event.
  • Strong customer service and a high level of professionalism is key to this position as I am constantly in contact with the clients of major hospitals and fortune 500 companies. The key to our success is the relationship built with the customer. Repeat business is a must.


Guerrero Howe Custom Media                                                                          Chicago, IL

Business Development Associate                                               December 2011-April 2012

  • Stay on top of trends, speak comfortably with top industry professionals, and generate excitement for each issue of our magazines.
  • Obtain phenomenal interpersonal skills, the ability and persistence in the hunt for

leads, and the ability to meet or exceed goals and deadlines.

  • Working very closely with the editors to develop stories and very closely with our sales team to create advertising opportunities. I have also learned how to posses the ability to conceptualize quality editorial content and to evaluate potential advertising opportunities.


Platform One Entertainment                                                                               Chicago, IL and Bloomington, IN

Music, Brand, and Event Marketing Campus Intern                          December 2010-May 2011

  • Assist the Platform One team with promoting various music and branding marketing events on the Indiana University campus.
  • In charge of relaying coordinated information in the form of contests, promotions, events and marketing initiatives, to prospective clientele.
  • Continually developing new ways to promote our clients talents and goals through marketing modules, communications plans, and direct selling.


Metropolitan Bank Group                                                                                      Chicago, IL

Marketing Intern                                                                                                 Summer 2010

  • Assisted marketing director and manager in executing key marketing projects and initiatives.
  • Provided key support for marketing director including project management, data gathering and reconciliation, and various internal communications.
  • Coordinated data collection, analyzed, and evaluated information on the various branches of banks.
  • Worked with computer graphics department to develop marketing and presentation materials.


Leadership Experience:

  • Member of Alpha Phi Sorority- Beta Tau Chapter
  • Director of Alumni Relations for Alpha Phi- Beta Tau Chapter
  • Member of the IUSAA- Indiana Student Alumni Association
  • Member of The American Marketing Association- Chicago Chapter



  • Volunteer at The Art Institute of Chicago